Pokemon Conquest: Way of the Warlord

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Pokemon Conquest: Way of the Warlord

Post by Emperor Rayqua on Sun Apr 20, 2014 5:50 am

The Land Of Kyoma Awaits!

Pokemon Conquest: Way of the Warlord is a site based along medieval Europe torn into the Pokemon Realm. Join familiar nations, such as Engala, the Pokemon clone of England, The Ita Republic, loosely based around Italy! The forum is young, but Warlords are still needed. What kind of Warlord will you be? A Rusarian Ghost-Master, a Frankish Master of the Sea, or a member of the Dragon-rich culture of the Holy Rayquaza Empire? Join a new story set in a custom region of Kyoma, a chain of islands watched over by a dormant Rayquaza and harboring many secrets in the ancient sea and mountains spotting the region. Warlords are expected to fight alongside their Pokemon, as Pokemon may be able to fight one another, but Humans still must fight their own battles.

Tournaments, Wars, and Opportunities for custom nations to arise are in the near future, as well as the first plot centered around the pivotal battle that would ensue between Rayquaza and Deoxys! However, Deoxys has no intentions of being friendly, and with him will bring a dark secret that could threaten the fragile peace of Kyoma!

today for more information and the opportunity to join the warring nation and stake your own claim!

Emperor Rayqua

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