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 Racial Information

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PostSubject: Racial Information   Tue Jun 14, 2016 2:14 pm

Race Rules

Races are what your character is,  vs who they are (Character app),  and what they do (Occupation).   They are another point of customization for your character and are separate from your occupation,  but give similar benefits and change how your character works in some way.   

There are FOUR major races in Noxis,  the dominate by far being Human with Psychic coming in next while the last two are rare and are seen as inhuman and have little to no rights as a human and their quality of life depends on the generosity of those who have power over them,  whether that be themselves or a master.   Hybrid... and Cyborg.

Each race has it's own abilities and limitations unique to it's race with sufficient ups and downs and what you choose can dramatically change how you play and what you can or can't do in-character.  




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Racial Information
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