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 Legendary Pokemon

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PostSubject: Legendary Pokemon   Thu Jun 11, 2015 11:28 am

Now, in most RPs, you would see the Legendary status items behind some kind of wall that you can only get by buying it. For pokemon, that means THE Legends; however, this cause a few problems that we don't wish to have. Firstly, by our observations, excluding things from the community and only giving it to those willing to pay tends to create a gap between everyone, since you're basically buying power no one else can get. This power comes in the form of battling power, and RP power. Who could possibly stand up against a being of Time or a being of Space? Yeah, GOD HIMSELF.

*ahem* On a more serious note, we're instead taking a look at allllllll legendary pokemon, legendary defined as what you can only catch one of in the game, and basing one who is available realistically, and who is balanced for RPing (No time travel for you when ever you feel like it~).

This list is *specifically* of legendary pokemon that will NOT be allowed to RP as or under your control (they ~may~ appear due to plot, but will be uncatchable and not under your control). These pokemon are considered to be quite powerful from a lore perspective, and typically play some sort of role in nature itself.


This List is of pokemon that AS OF NOW are considered to be accessible to everyone. Now, in game, you could only catch one of these pokemon, however, it's been shown throughout many different media forms of pokemon, that there are possibly MORE than one of these pokemon. Please keep in mind though, that while catchable and out there, these pokemon tend to live in VERY secluded areas, and are rarely seen. When it comes to catching these pokemon, it'll take some time to find one, and there will also be events to catch them.

Mythical Pokemon:
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Legendary Pokemon
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