Operation Imagination: A Multi-Verse RP and IC site (Jcink)

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Operation Imagination: A Multi-Verse RP and IC site (Jcink)

Post by DanielJGillies on Fri May 02, 2014 12:42 pm

Operation Imagination is a one stop shop for all things Role Playing. We allow any genre, any fandom, and yes, even original ideas, all here on one board. Always wanted to play out a certain canon, but don't have the time to write out lengthy apps, search for sites, fill out form after form? No need now. At Operation Imagination, we are a multi-verse site. Not a multi-fandom, multi-verse. What does that mean? That means we also welcome Original ideas you just weren't able to make a site for, or have a site made for. No face claims, no applications, not even mandatory shippers as you've seen them. Just a blurb about your fandoms and who you will play. Pick a partner and IC it out, or do a rapid fire thread, or a regular thread. Have at it, have fun and even pay a visit to our little writer's corner. Share your ideas, your story and let your imagination run a muck.


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